About Us

LVDVS NEMESIS is the first gladiator school in Northern Germany, with its base in Hamburg. We represent gladiators from the 1st century AD, and we would like to show aspects of the culture from this time to people who are interested in learning more.

Why in Hamburg, when the Romans actually never resided here? Putting it simply, outside Imperium Romanum, deep in Germania Magna, there are people who are interested in Ancient Rome, especially in the area of gladiatorial combat. After all, gladiators were the sport stars of their time.

Even if we won’t be fighting to the death for your entertainment (sorry!), we are still sincerely interested in the ancient art of armed combat. Our fights are not choreographed. The armour is that which was originally used, based upon findings of what is known and documented.

Since 2008 we make appearances at Roman events and museum festivals, where we show the public how sophisticated armed gladiator combat is, and that it is a true fighting art – a sport that followed strict guidelines and that had many different styles and forms, both demanding and also exciting which was as popular as nowadays soccer or boxing.Our presentations appeal to the visitors as well as to the organizer of the events alike.

We welcome everybody who would like to join us as an active member. Also we would be glad to hear from organizers and museum directors who would like to see us at their events. To get into contact with us please use our mail form.