The provocator is one of the oldest gladiator types and was heavily armed with scutum (large rectangular shield), pectorale (breast plate), ocrea (greave) on the left leg, helmet, manica (arm protection) and gladius (short sword). This armature strongly alludes to the military origin of that type. It looks like the equipment of the legionary. In the 1st century BC, this gladiotar type's helmet did not have a visor and resembled a legionary helmet.

The following pictures show our provocatrix Medusa in the equipment which she has got so far (though being far from complete at this stage).

Medusa as provocatrix with scutum, gladius, pectorale, helmet (which needs to be replaced by a visored helmet), greave on left leg (not worn in this picture).

The design of Medusa's scutum is based on traditional Roman symbols such as the laurel wreath, Medusa head and lunula.

This photo shows the pectorale in detail with its fine decoration of a Medusa head based on the find of Roman phalera.