Two Nemesis reliefs were found at the amphitheater of Virunum (Magdalensberg, Austria). The first relief shows her as Nemesis-Luna - a connection which hasn't been found anywhere else. How else though should the lunula behind her head be interpreted? The other relief depicts her as Nemesis-Victoria. On both reliefs scenes of sacrifice to this goddess are shown. The figure performing the sacrifice throws little incense balls into a fire which burns on an altar while the goddess stands next to it. On the Nemesis-Luna relief this figure could be an editor while on the other relief displays a venator (beast hunter) next to a bear.

The iconography on both reliefs from Virunum as well as on the relief from Andautonia refers to the amphitheater by showing weapons which were actually used in the arena.

Almost each amphitheater had a nemeseum. Nemesis was a very important and much honored goddess in the environment of the arena.